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The NC House of Representatives is considering Senate Bill 559, which if passed, will raise your electric utility bill for the next five years and could include a new fixed charge for up to 30 years.
RALEIGH -- AARP North Carolina delivered about 1,400 petitions today to the North Carolina Utilities Commission from residential ratepayers concerned about the steep rate hike request by Duke Carolinas.
Bowing to pressure from thousands of older adults struggling to pay a range of bills from medicines, water, and groceries, Duke Progress Energy was forced to accept a much lo wer rate increase than it requested from the North Carolina Utilities Commission.  Late Friday, the Commission rejected Duke’s $20 average increase, cutting it back by $11 per residential customer.  With this decision, Duke Progress customers will pay about $6 per month more for their electricity, and about $3 per month more for a monthly service charge.
CHARLOTTE – In January, AARP members from the Piedmont and Western portions of North Carolina spoke out forcefully against Duke Carolinas' rate hike proposal that will add about $20 a month to your electric bill.
North Carolina’s residential ratepayers are in for quite a shock if Duke Energy gets it way. Duke Energy, which includes Duke Energy Progress in Eastern North Carolina, and Duke Carolinas in the Western part of the state, has filed a request to the NC Utilities Commission (NCUC) to increase its overall rates by 14.9%.
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CHARLOTTE -- AARP members from the Carolinas joined a chorus of protesters at the Duke Energy shareholders meeting who feel the company's rate hike requests are excessive in today's economy.
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