Federal Budget

When retired Air Force officer Sam Wood of Durham learned that the pharmaceutical industry was pushing back on a federal attempt to close the Medicare Part D donut hole, he took action. Like thousands of other AARP advocates, he called his members of Congress urging them to close the coverage gap. Wood manages his heart condition with several prescriptions and is worried about the future affordability of the medications his doctors prescribe.  Thankfully, with your urging, he can rest a bit easier due to a spending bill  Congress passed – and President Trump signed –that includes a number of positive provisions for older Americans and AARP’s priorities.
Thanks to the great work of AARP advocates, the Bipartisan Budget Act signed last week by President Trump, includes several important wins when it comes to controlling our health care costs. Without your help to repeal caps to physical, occupational and speech therapies, seniors would have been forced to pay out of pocket for these services.
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