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RALEIGH -- Lowering your monthly health care insurance premium sounds pretty good. But what if your new coverage doesn't cover preexisting conditions, caps your coverage or charges you more because your older or work in an occupation that requires physical activity? What if the company or association you bought your policy from is no longer solvent and can't pay your claim?
Do you have the health care coverage you need? Have you assessed your current health status and coverage? If you are a Medicare beneficiary, open enrollment, which begins on October 15, is your chance this year to reexamine your coverage and options. You can either select a new plan, or keep the one you have.
Special guest column from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
Do you want a health plan that better suits your needs? Some may be seeking health insurance for the first time. It is that time of year to look at what you have and reevaluate your health care needs. Health insurance open enrollment is here.
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