medicaid expansion

By Michelle Crouch
Doug 3
RALEIGH – The American Academy of Actuaries estimates healthcare insurance premiums will rise by two percent if states do not expand Medicaid as the Affordable Care Act provided.  According to a 2011 survey of employers by Kaiser Family Foundation, healthcare premiums cost on average $15,046 a year, including $10,944 paid by employers and $4,129 paid by employees.  A two percent rise would mean $301 hike for employers and employees to pay together.
RALEIGH -- In a new AARP survey of 600 registered North Carolina voters, only 35 percent felt that the state should turn down federal funds that will provide Medicaid coverage to uninsured residents.
Hal Goodtree
In the name of “state rights,” the General Assembly may very well walk away from providing federally-paid health coverage to over 500,000 hardworking North Carolinians and their families. Over the next few days, AARP needs your help in urging our elected leaders to participate in Medicaid expansion.
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