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RALEIGH -- If you are one of the hundreds of AARP members who took action this session by contacting your elected leaders in Raleigh, pat yourselves on the back. Your voice gained important improvements for those taking care of loved ones across state lines, provided a future break for people taking care of those with Alzheimer's and could save you from added property and sales taxes during an economic downturn.
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By Jo Ann Pfirman, Cary, NC
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By Margaret Toman, Garner, NC
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As lawmakers in North Carolina determine the future of caregiver support services, we want to hear from those who are providing care to loved ones and value support services needed to assist their "labor of love." Here is one man's story:
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RALEIGH -- AARP North Carolina, which represents 1.1 million people in the state, sent a letter to state House and Senate leaders this week outlining priorities important to the growing number of people in the state who are providing care to family members with Alzheimer’s and dementia.
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