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Do You Have the Proper ID to Vote in North Dakota? Are You Sure?

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Because of voter identification law changes passed by the 2013 North Dakota Legislature, state residents should ensure they have one of the five valid forms of identification that will be allowed at the polls.

The five valid forms of identification are:

          • North Dakota driver’s license
          • North Dakota non-driver’s ID
          • Tribal issued ID
          • Student ID voting certificate
          • Long-term care ID certificate


In all cases, state law requires the ID to include the voter’s name, residential address (not a PO Box), and date of birth. People who use a tribal-issued ID to vote should check to be sure the ID includes all of the required information.

New residents of the state must also obtain a valid North Dakota ID to be eligible to vote. You should go to your nearest DOT driver’s license site to obtain a North Dakota ID. State law requires that voters must live in a precinct 30 days prior to voting in any election.

People who have moved since they last voted must update their address record with the Department of Transportation at least one month before an election. That way your current and correct address will appear in the poll book used by poll workers to confirm that you are eligible to vote in your new voting precinct. There is a link on the homepage where you can easily update your address online. You can also call DOT at 701-328-2600 or 1-855-637-6237.

Residents of long-term care facilities, such as a nursing home, will have to obtain a certificate issued by the facility where they live in order to vote.

College students will also be required to obtain a voting certificate from the college they are attending in order to vote in that location.

Absentee Voting and Voting by Mail

Finally, there are also changes to voting absentee and voting by mail. The ballot application must include the identification number from your N.D. driver’s license or non-driver’s ID, or your tribal ID number. Students and residents of long-term care facilities must include a copy of the certificate they obtain from the institution with the ballot application. If you don’t have any of those, you can still apply for an absentee/vote by mail ballot, but you must have another person with valid identification information sign and include their ID number on your ballot application.

Ballot application forms and other election information can be found online at

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