Nearly 100 older job seekers were matched with 20 employers interested in hiring experienced workers at AARP Michigan Experience for Hire Interview Day on May 10 in Detroit.

The event bustled with a flurry of activity as job seekers lined up for one-on-one interviews in the gymnasium at the Northwest Activities Center. Some were hired on the spot.

The day’s highlights  were captured perfectly in this WDIV-TV report:

Interview Day was a collaboration of AARP Michigan, SEMCA and Detroit Employment Solutions Corp.

This was not just another career fair. Job seekers who attended were screened in advance for the skill sets and experience employers say they need. The vetted applicants met with employers at the hiring event.

Both employers and job seekers reported this was a great opportunity.

These older workers are potential employees, who:

  • Bring value to employers;
  • Require little job training;
  • Add knowledge, stability, maturity and leadership to a company;
  • Can work full or part-time;
  • Bring unique hard and soft skill sets to the table.