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Ricardo the Remarkable performs his magic
Settling back in his ergonomic chair, Richard Loescher begins to talk about his most recent adventure, and how much he enjoyed it. His eyes twinkle mischievously, he wears a big smile. The sense of adventure and satisfaction is almost palpable as he recounts the story.
From her glass-walled conference room perch, Carla Kelley has the world at her feet—well, at least Portland.  Portland, where she came for love, found that her true love was Portland itself.  Now in the position of Senior Counsel at a major Portland law firm, Carla actually retired from full-time employment several years ago.  But her experience and skills made her an attractive candidate to work in the firm’s business group.  She now works part-time and, at age 71, is a woman on the go with a “rolodex” any mover and shaker would envy.
By Dick Weinman, AARP Volunteer and Assisted Living Guru
By Dick Weinman, AARP Volunteer and Assisted Living Guru
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Staying healthy and vibrant was the theme from our Vital Aging Conference in Eugene this November. But if you missed it, we've posted the agenda along with websites to most of the sessions.
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