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Under a new state law, Oregonians will no longer receive unexpected medical bills for out-of-network services.
Jon Bartholomew
At the AARP Oregon State Office we hear almost weekly from a member who can’t afford prescription drugs and has to make the hard choice to skip a medication dose or cut the pill in order to make ends meet. That’s why we were especially pleased to help pass legislation during Oregon’s short session that will make the cost of drugs more “transparent” in our state.
Senior Overwhelmed by Medical Costs
HB 4005 is a victory for Oregon patients struggling with high costs of medications. Heads to governor’s desk for signature. 
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AARP Oregon is building grassroots support to fight any erosion in critical services for older Oregonians.
Steve Carter
Sitting at a conference table, I wrestle alongside my AARP Oregon colleagues with deciding which questions to ask Portland mayoral candidates, and how to word them.
By Jon Bartholomew, AARP Government Relations Director
Jon Bartholomew
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