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In the Beginning was the first blue light of the TV screen, reflecting the plains and mountains of the “vast wasteland.” In those primitive days of TV viewing, when I tired of the eye candy I was snacking, I  left my comfortable perch in order to turn the tuner to another sweet shoppe.
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What do you do when your family members’ situation dramatically changes so that they cannot maintain their independence without assistance? What if it happens to a friend or neighbor? In what ways can we create more interdependent communities?
Sometimes when we’re in the community, we’ll hear from someone who says, “I’ve never met a real person from AARP!” Yes, there is an AARP Oregon State Office with a staff of 7 plus a great team of volunteer partners. We’re active on issues that matter to you and your family. In this season of gratitude and reflection, we want to share with you some of the highlights from our work this year.
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Did you know that a typical pair of sneakers will last 500 miles? Put a few miles on those walking shoes and join AARP for a series of guided walks in Portland-area neighborhoods called NeighborWalks.
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By Elaine Friesen-Strang
03.17.14 Volunteer hands
Did you know that people who volunteer are happier and have better health? Research shows that volunteers have more meaningful connections in their community and experience greater life satisfaction. That’s why we are excited to invite you to join us at two upcoming events to learn about volunteering in your community.
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By Elaine Friesen-Strang
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Over the past year, we here at the AARP Oregon state office have been contacted several times by AARP members and our own family and friends living in other parts so the country with requests for information about relocating to Oregon.  When they hear about people coming to Oregon, native Oregonians often jest and quote a sign that Governor Tom McCall supposedly ordered to be put up at all major state borders, “Welcome to Oregon, enjoy your visit.” But it seems the word has gotten out!  Oregon is beautiful and a wonderful to place to live. And based on the requests we have received people from a variety of places seem to be considering moving here. 
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