Dick Weinman

Hanukkah dreidels isolated on white
A great miracle happened here. Or nes gadol hayah sham.
Holidays in Assisted Living Facilities
Tomato Soup with Crackers
You sniff a steaming bowl of tomato soup. Its nose filling heat rises in your nostrils.  “Mm! Mm! Good!”  you think to yourself. Of course you do. It’s been sneaking into the subterranean of peoples’ minds  since the nineteen thirties when Campbell’s soup company broadcast its first radio commercial.
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I spend most of my time at my ALF (Assisted Living Facility).  But when my battery-powered wheelchair is charged, I can be found bouncing along the tree-root rutted, bumpy sidewalks, and at a traffic intersection, frenziedly trying to make the walk  sign before it runs down to zero seconds. Or I might be lucky enough to have a friend load my wheel chair and me into a car or van for a trip to a coffee shop, a movie, or some other latitudinal or longitudinal location away from the lugubrious ALF.
Senior man sitting on a wheelchair with caregiver
Indeed! They are back.  Not en masse though. It’s early in the back-to-college year, so our beloved town is not inundated yet.  The university students return in dribbles, like a leaky water faucet.  And many live across from my ALF (Assisted Living Facility).  What’s a wheelchairer to do when crossing the street?
Your New Career Sign
See you in a bit, he always says, as he leaves my room, after helping me in one of the “Activities of Daily Living” (ADLs) which, because of my disabilities, I can’t perform myself.
Theater Mask
Shakespeare said it – as he always has:
Elizabethan Theater, Ashland
I had just finished reading an interesting story on Yahoo News, and went to breakfast in the dining room anxious to tell my table mate, George, about it.  After I prefaced my retelling, I couldn’t remember the story I wanted to tell. Yet . . .
Senior man sitting on a wheelchair with caregiver
I’m one of 40 or so elders – I could say seniors – equally nice sounding, but without the gravitas -  or mature– nah, that’s for movie ratings – or, more scornfully, geezers,  or wickedly demeaning  – old farts.  I guess you could say all-of-the-above. After decades of achievements and societal contributions, and professional accomplishments (and being a bit of a pompous ass ) with  a smidgen of pride,  I prefer the politically correct, solemn, and dignified first word choice -  who reside in an Assisted Living Facility (ALF.).
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