Senior man sitting on a wheelchair with caregiver
Force of habit compels me, unconsciously, routinely, impulsively, to say, “I’m taking a walk.” (Back in the day, the sounds of those words compelled my dog to leap with joy, and scamp away to find her leash.) In reality, however, fully conscience, pragmatic, practical, I should say, “I’m taking a roll.” (my dog would have snored.)
Depressed Senior Man Looking Through Rows of Prescription Medica
Despite my battered body, non-functioning hands that make taking meds a challenge, and wheelchair mobility, I fulfill my long-time desire to act. . . as long as it’s the Readers Theatre – where the short-term memory loss of an 85 year old and the inability to move around in a set, doesn’t hamper the smooth performance of a play.
Tomato Soup with Crackers
You sniff a steaming bowl of tomato soup. Its nose filling heat rises in your nostrils.  “Mm! Mm! Good!”  you think to yourself. Of course you do. It’s been sneaking into the subterranean of peoples’ minds  since the nineteen thirties when Campbell’s soup company broadcast its first radio commercial.
Dick Weinman is an AARP Volunteer Blogger and an Assisted Living Guru
Veteran Daughter
For veterans and active duty members of the military who return home with injuries, Social Security is a resource they can turn to. If you know any wounded veterans, please let them know about Social Security’s Wounded Warriors website at www.socialsecurity.gov/woundedwarriors .
Senior Overwhelmed by Medical Costs
Dick Weinman is an AARP volunteer and an assisted living guru
Fresh tomatoes on wood background
Dick Weinman is an AARP volunteer and an assisted living guru
Tomato Soup with Crackers
Dick Weinman is an AARP Volunteer and an Assisted Living Guru
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