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Painted on the wall of the For The Love of Dogs training room is the saying, “A Dog’s Tail Never Lies.” Beneath it, Cocoa, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, looks up intently, at her “mom.” True to Pavlov’s theory, Cocoa’s tail wags patiently and enthusiastically as she awaits the forthcoming treat  she’ll be rewarded for good behavior following the sound of dog trainer, Cheryl Flemming’s “click.”
It’s a universal truth the saying, “Life is what happens where you’re busy making plans.” Before becoming an Encore Entrepreneur, Sunit Rikhi, Founder of Reach for Infinity, LLC, had dedicated thirty-one years at Intel. The type to focus on the here and now, he never gave much thought about doing anything other than the task at hand, which was working on breakthrough technology while developing and managing the projects and teams he oversaw at Intel.
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During the process of buying or making improvements to their forever homes, families don’t always consider the concept of “aging in place,” or having a home that is “user friendly” for family members as they age. Diana Zapata, a Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS), has incorporated this concept into Zapata Design, the year-old interior design business she started as an Encore Entrepreneur.
Recherché, a French word meaning of rare quality or elegance aptly describes Encore Entrepreneur, Pamela Burkland, and the line of one-of-a-kind, handmade bags and wearable art she produces. Recherché specializes in bags that illustrate an east meets west design: the bags are made from vintage Japanese Obi, or sashes traditionally worn by both Japanese men and women. A typical obi can measure around 14 feet by 12 inches wide, and may have ornate traditional patterns on one or both sides. The bags that Pamela creates from the obi material are all hand-stitched, and the buttons that adorn them are all vintage making them both modern and timeless pieces for any bag-loving fashonista.
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