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After a 40-year career teaching voice lessons to students of all ages, and with some assistance from small business development guru, Jackie Babicky Peterson, Fay Putnam began Breath is the Answer. Her solopreneur business provides a service that enables her clients to "find their authentic voice."  Fay uses the Alexander Technique--a process that helps people move more mindfully through life's everyday activities--which she has studied extensively, to guide individuals through a series of exercises that allow them to become more aware of how they use their bodies physically, mentally, and emotionally when they communicate orally.
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Her company was sold. Then it was reorganized. And finally her position was eliminated. At age 70 Anne Hudson found herself unemployed and with few options to re-enter the workforce. She sought assistance from the Oregon Employment Department to help her in finding a similar job with comparable pay, but not long after she realized that the chances of that happening for someone with her profile were slim. She needed a new plan.
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