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Here’s a quick recap of the May 15 primary election:
While the state budget impasse drags on, the work of the General Assembly in Harrisburg ramped up this week as the State House and State Senate were in session. Although the budget debate dominates the news, the General Assembly considered a number of other issues important to Pennsylvanians. The place where this work starts is in the Committees of the House and Senate. I wanted to highlight two particular Committee hearings held in the House of Representatives on legislation that could impact millions of consumers in the Commonwealth.
Proposed rate increase for PECO customers reduced, family caregivers’ concerns to take center stage in Capitol, and more state budget shenanigans
It’s all about the purse strings this week – with the main focus being on Pennsylvanians’ out-of-pocket utility bills and, on a more global scale, Pennsylvania’s state budget.
 The cost of electricity is a big concern to most Pennsylvanians.  As a state which has de-regulated its electric generation service, consumers may choose which company provides the electricity that runs your appliances and turns on your lights.  But electric distribution service, the wires and poles that bring electricity to your home, is still regulated by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC).  Changes to both sides of the electric utility equation are being considered which could impact your electric bill.
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Recent proposals by Pennsylvania's two largest electric companies to substantially boost fixed monthly charges for consumers would hurt low-usage and low-income customers the most, many of whom are living on fixed incomes and are struggling to pay for food, rent, medicine, and utility bills.
With less than a month to go before the state’s November 4 General Election, AARP Pennsylvania today released non-partisan voters' guides featuring positions from Pennsylvania Gubernatorial, Congressional and state legislative candidates on critical health and financial security issues. Voters of all ages may view the guides at
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