In the weeks leading up to February 7, when Governor Wolf will present his budget plan, there has been much discussion on how legislators will approve a new budget while dealing with Pennsylvania’s looming budget difficulties. In fact, the Independent Fiscal Office estimates that the Commonwealth faces a deficit of close to $600 million between now and the end of June.
Although a fight is expected to break out between the General Assembly and the governor about the overall framework of the 2016/17 state budget, there are areas of agreement between legislators and the Administration.  One of these areas of critical importance to older Pennsylvanians, is how revenues from the Pennsylvania lottery will be spent.
Harrisburg, PA: Governor Tom Wolf presented his FY 16-17 budget in the annual budget message to the Pennsylvania General Assembly on Tuesday, February 9 th, but the budget itself was almost irrelevant to the event.  Here are three takeaways for you and your family to consider in the coming months.
Pennsylvania Voters 50+ Oppose the Chained CPI, Believe Social Security Should Not Be Cut to Reduce the Deficit
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