AARP Pennsylvania is urging state residents to register to vote by April 16. That’s the deadline to register to vote in the May 15 primary elections.
Who would have known that the numbers 203, 105, 98, and 12 would play such an important role in the Pennsylvania elections this year? Of course 203 has an important role every two years – but there are 203 seats in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives up for election on November 8. However, only 105 of those races have two major party candidates on the ballot for State Representative, while 98 of them have one candidate on the ballot or have a major party candidate facing only a third-party candidate. Lastly, there are only 12 days until Election Day on November 8, so if you aren’t a “Numbers Person” now is the time to change your mind!
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The story of public policy in Pennsylvania in 2015 began with new occupants of three of the most important positions in the Commonwealth’s political structure – Governor Tom Wolf, Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman, and House Majority Leader Dave Reed.  They took on the leading roles in the on-again, off-again state budget drama that played out over the course of the year, beginning with the Governor’s budget address in March.
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Tuesday, November 3rd was election day and the business of state government slowed this week while the results are analyzed.  Let’s join the crowd.
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