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Prescription medicine and money
Thousands of  older Pennsylvanians now qualify for prescription drug assistance under a new law that increases income limits for the state’s Pharmaceutical Assistance Contract for the Elderly Needs Enhancement Tier (PACENET) program.
Elections 2018 #2
A newly-released Politico-AARP poll shows Pennsylvania voters age 50 and over believe health care and protecting the future of Social Security will be the most important issues in determining how they cast ballots in next month’s mid-term elections.
He's in great spirits
More than 1.6 million Pennsylvanians care for older parents, spouses or other loved ones, helping them to live independently in their own homes. These family caregivers have a huge responsibility, and on April 20, 2017, a new law takes effect that will make life a little bit easier for them.
By Cristina Rouvalis
AARP Pennsylvania Issues Statement in Response to Release of Governor’s Healthy Pennsylvania Initiative
mediciad expansion
Governor’s Meeting with Secretary Sebelius Represents Positive Step Toward State Medicaid Expansion
JimPalmquist (2)
Note:   The following article by AARP State President Jim Palmquist is running in newspapers across PA. 
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AARP Pennsylvania today applauded approval by a state House committee of legislation that ensures an estimated 50,000 older residents won’t lose prescription drug coverage by excluding Medicare Part B premiums and Social Security cost of living increases from PACE and PACENET income eligibility guidelines.
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