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Elections 2018 #2
A newly-released Politico-AARP poll shows Pennsylvania voters age 50 and over believe health care and protecting the future of Social Security will be the most important issues in determining how they cast ballots in next month’s mid-term elections.
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Medicare - Tell Congress to Protect Medicare
Medicare Voucher Proposal Will Increase Health Care Costs for Older Pennsylvanians
As we survey the political landscape post-election, there has been a great deal of discussion and debate about an issue that received little attention during the presidential campaign – potential changes to the Medicare and Medicaid programs.  There has been speculation that the new administration and Congress may consider fundamental shifts in the way federal funds are distributed to the states to operate Medicaid. There has also been speculation that there may be proposals to change how older Americans get health insurance through Medicare.
By Hilary Appelman
With many Americans worrying about matters such as  the latest Presidential election polls, Dancing With the Stars contestants, or who would win the lottery for the first pick in the National Basketball Association draft (Go Sixers!), there are several things distracting Americans from another important issue at hand: Long-term care.
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