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Every month, millions of Pennsylvanians receive their electric utility bill and I would guess that many of us look at the total, maybe grumble a little, then make a payment and go on with our business.  I would also hazard a guess that most consumers don’t know how to read or understand their utility bills, and don’t know exactly what the charges are for or how one could be saving money.  Do you know the difference between ‘supplier’ and ‘distributor’?  Did you know that you can shop for your electric supplier, but not your distributor? How do you know where you could be saving money on your monthly electric utility bill and which costs are fixed?
Holiday Penny Pinching
As we enter the holiday season, many shoppers are juggling long grocery lists for that big family gathering and long gift lists for their loved ones. For some, this holiday season brings the excitement of shopping, cooking, and gift-wrapping. For others, this holiday season is a precursor to the hefty credit card statement or empty wallet.
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