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Fight Fraud-Shred Instead in York!
grocery bag
Questions about accurate pricing at the supermarket recently made national headlines when the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs found Whole Foods stores were systematically overcharging consumers for pre-packaged foods. In more than 80 cases ranging from grab-n-go sandwiches and salads to packaged lunch meat, the items were short the labeled weight.
Scam Jam File
AARP Pennsylvania is warning consumers about reports of active imposter scams across Pennsylvania that target grandparents and are designed to steal money or personal information.
 As lovers and those looking for love prepare to celebrate Valentine’s Day, AARP’s Fraud Watch Network releases new tips on how Pennsylvanians can protect themselves from scammers taking aim at their hearts and their pocketbooks.
electric meter
AARP is fighting to ensure that you have continued access to affordable and stable electricity service in your home.  Right now, the Pennsylvania legislature is considering House Bill 2104 that would protect consumers from skyrocketing electric rates.
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