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You’ve earned a right to Social Security benefits, but have you ever wondered how it all works? Join our free webinar where we’ll explore these questions to help you get more out of Social Security.
Does it make sense for you to work and collect Social Security at the same time? It’s a complicated question, but we’re here to make it easier to connect you to the resources that can help you decide what’s right for you.
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Whether you're married, divorced or widowed, you may be able to use spousal benefits to increase your monthly Social Security check. Eligibility rules can be confusing. Register for AARP’s special webinar on Social Security and let us help you understand the details.
Elections 2018 #2
A newly-released Politico-AARP poll shows Pennsylvania voters age 50 and over believe health care and protecting the future of Social Security will be the most important issues in determining how they cast ballots in next month’s mid-term elections.
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Over the past few weeks, our round ups have focused on the upcoming elections, but that doesn not mean nothing else of importance was going on that impacts 50+ Pennsylvanians.  Here is a quick summary of a few items and issues we’ll talk about in depth over the coming weeks.
By Hilary Appelman
AARP Pennsylvania Takes Caregiving and Social Security Message to Washington, DC
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Tuesday, November 3rd was election day and the business of state government slowed this week while the results are analyzed.  Let’s join the crowd.
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