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Social Security Generates $70 Billion in Economic Activity, Supports 470,000 Jobs in Pennsylvania
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AARP Pennsylvania Volunteers Visit Capitol Hill to Urge Separate Social Security Debate, Press for Responsible Solutions to Strengthen Medicare
Bill Johnston-Walsh Named AARP’s State Director in Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania Voters 50+ Oppose the Chained CPI, Believe Social Security Should Not Be Cut to Reduce the Deficit
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This week AARP Pennsylvania volunteers and staff are meeting with nine members of the state’s Congressional delegation in their district offices, urging them to oppose $5.84 billion in cuts to our state’s Social Security COLA and veterans’ benefits that would occur if a measure known as Chained CPI is adopted.  The office visits by AARP Pennsylvania  volunteers follow weeks of letters, advertisements, petitions, a new Chained CPI Calculator, e-mails and phone calls asking Congress not to cut Social Security benefits and to have a separate conversation about Social Security’s future.
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The New Year brings back our elected officials to the nation’s capital to offer up real fiscal change that will jump-start our economy.
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