Are You Ready to Vote in September and November?

Civic engagement from BRCUnder the latest phase of a law passed by the General Assembly, poll workers will ask you to show a current and valid government issued photo ID when you vote at your polling place. The new law is intended to “strengthen the public’s faith in the integrity of our elections by enabling poll workers to match a voter’s face to the name they give at the polls,” according to the Office of the Secretary of State.

How does this affect you? No problem if you have a valid Rhode Island driver’s license. But many older Rhode Islanders do not drive. A valid passport is acceptable and government-issued cards that have photos.

Your Medicare card does not have a photo! Contrary to some misinformation, it will not suffice as a voter ID, even though it is “government issued.” The Secretary of State offers free photo IDs that will guarantee your right to vote. AARP Rhode Island want to help out.



Free Rhode Island Voter IDs



10 a.m. to noon

AARP State Office

10 Orms Street


Click here for information on what you need to bring as proof of residency


Our offices are near public transportation; otherwise, parking is free, no reservations required


Under the New Law

  • No eligible voter will be turned away at the polls. Voters who do not bring an acceptable ID to their polling place can vote using a standard Provisional Ballot. The ballot will be counted if the signature they give at their polling place matches the signature on their voter registration
  • Mail ballots do not require ID


Questions? Call the Secretary of State’s Office at 401-222-2340

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