A new analysis of the Senate’s proposed health care bill shows that older Nebraskans would be forced to pay much higher premiums or go without health insurance coverage.

With the proposed spike in premiums and reduced tax credits, known as the age tax, a 60-year old Nebraskan with a $45,000 annual income could have to pay up to $21,740 in 2020. That’s the second highest amount in the nation for this age and income level after Arizona.

The new analysis by AARP’s Public Policy Institute looks at expected increases in premiums and out-of-pocket costs for older Nebraskans by income level, if those people chose to keep their current coverage. The projected premiums also reflect the Age Tax contained in the Senate bill – an increase that lets insurers charge older policyholders five times more than everyone else for their insurance.

“Forcing people over 50 to pay thousands more will mean many Nebraskans will not be able to afford to go to the doctor, fill their prescriptions or get the care they need,” said Connie Benjamin, state director of AARP Nebraska. “We urge Senators Deb Fischer and Ben Sasse to vote ‘NO’ on this higher cost, less coverage bill.”

Details of the bill’s impacts from the AARP Public Policy Institute can be found here:

Recent surveys of older Americans in several states showed strong opposition to the provisions of the House-passed health reform bill.


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