The decisions you make now could affect what doctors you see, how much you might spend on your health in the future and more. Whether you’re 65 or will be soon, there’s no better time to start exploring your Medicare options.
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Medicare Cardslant
UPDATE: South Carolina Medicare beneficiaries should begin to receive new cards in June, 2018. Read the release from SC Department of Health and Human Services.
In South Carolina,  we know what a vital program Medicare is. Almost 900,000 people in South Carolina currently rely on Medicare and more than 980,000 50 - 64 year-olds will be eligible for Medicare in the next 15 years.
WINDSOR, ME - APRIL 9:  Nancy Boily, 65, a personal care attendant, sits with Mildred Rood, 85, as Rood eats lunch during a recent home care visit to Rood's Windsor home Wednesday, April 9, 2014. Rood, 85, is homebound and largely confined to a wheelchair as a result of advanced diabetes, congestive heart failure and kidney disease.(Photo by Shawn Patrick Ouellette/Staff Photographer)
More than 25% of people 65 and older have diabetes. A diagnosis of diabetes includes prediabetes and diabetes. Prediabetes indicates that the blood sugar is higher than normal. Without any intervention people with prediabetes, most likely, will develop diabetes later in life.
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