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AARP South Carolina today announced that it is joining forces with the AARP Fraud Watch Network and the U.S. Postal Inspection Service for Operation Protect Veterans -- a campaign to warn those who have served in the military about scams and fraud schemes that target veterans. The major educational campaign will reach out to veterans in communities across South Carolina and nationwide.
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With the holiday giving season approaching, a new survey from the AARP Fraud Watch Network found that 62% of South Carolina consumers failed a quiz about how to stay safe from common holiday scams, and many are regularly engaging in risky behaviors which could leave them at risk of being victimized by con artists.
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You are enjoying a nice family dinner at home, your phone rings with an unwanted solicitation or someone comes to your door to “sell” you something. This scenario happens more and more and sometimes the person on the other end is trying to scam you, obtain your personal information, or take advantage of you.
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Utility customers here in South Carolina and across the country are being affected by phone scams, and we want you to be aware and prepared are being affected by phone scams, and we want you to be aware and prepared. Customers have reported instances of individuals portraying themselves as utility employees over the phone and warning them that they’re late on their utility bill or might need a new meter. The scammer then says that their service will be cut off if they don’t pay immediately, instructs the customers to purchase a prepaid debit card and tells them to call back with the numbers on the card.
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