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The attached document in PDF format is the opening statement of Scott J. Rubin delivered to the South Carolina Public Service Commission on Monday, Nov. 12, 2018 AARP SC Rubin opening final
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Everyone loves a good ice cream sundae with gooey chocolate sauce, walnuts, whipped cream and a cherry on top. Forget about the calories and sit back and imagine the coolness of this summer time treat.
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South Carolinians, take notice. The Base Load Review Act allowed SCE&G to charge us some of the highest electricity rates in the southeast for the construction of V.C. Summer- an abandoned, unfinished nuclear power plant that will never produce power. SCE&G was able to raise our rates 9 times in less than 10 years, including a full year and a half after knowing the doomed fate of the nuclear project. So far, SCE&G parent company SCANA’s shareholders received $529 million of the $2 billion paid by SCE&G customers for V.C. Summer.
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What are the next steps for consumers in the V. C. Summer nuclear abandonment?
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AARP South Carolina Files with SCPSC to Intervene in Petition Filed by ORS
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SCE&G is asking state regulators to approve another $852 million increase in the projected cost of building two nuclear reactors in Fairfield County, but the company says the potential for any other cost increases is limited.
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South Carolinian's can’t afford another SCE&G rate hike. Forcing current consumers to pay for future power plants is simply unjustified. Since January 2009, SCE&G residential rates have increased more than 27%. This includes general rate hikes, revised rate schedules, and changes in rates due to fuel costs.
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Utility customers here in South Carolina and across the country are being affected by phone scams, and we want you to be aware and prepared are being affected by phone scams, and we want you to be aware and prepared. Customers have reported instances of individuals portraying themselves as utility employees over the phone and warning them that they’re late on their utility bill or might need a new meter. The scammer then says that their service will be cut off if they don’t pay immediately, instructs the customers to purchase a prepaid debit card and tells them to call back with the numbers on the card.
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That's right we are ready for winter to move on!
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