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Right now, in the middle of a global health crisis, Dominion Energy South Carolina wants to raise your rates by more than 7 percent. They also want to increase the monthly fixed charge (a charge to bring the power from the pole to your home) you pay before even turning on the lights. AARP is fighting for residential utility customers because too many South Carolina families struggle to pay their electric bills along with other necessities like food and medicine.
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The South Carolina House of Representatives has taken an important step toward helping utility ratepayers by approving HB4379, which establishes a Utility Consumer Advocate. The bill received nearly unanimous approval and now goes to the state Senate for consideration.
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SCE&G is asking state regulators to approve another $852 million increase in the projected cost of building two nuclear reactors in Fairfield County, but the company says the potential for any other cost increases is limited.
Duke Energy wants to raise your electricity bill by 16.3%.  This would be a more than $200 a year increase for the average customer who uses 1000 kwh of electricity each month.
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