Learn how to create a family plan and find the support you need

You may care for someone full time, 24/7. Or you may help someone with driving or grocery shopping a couple times a week. Either way, you’re a caregiver. And AARP’s caregiving expert, Amy Goyer, is here to guide you on your journey during the Online CAREversations Workshop.

It’s a live, interactive event, so it’s the perfect way for busy people like you to access expert advice, interact with online activities, and create your own family plan. In this session, we’ll discuss the many roles of caregivers and how to talk about important issues with family members and others.

Feel empowered as you learn the five elements of Prepare to Care

  • Starting the Conversation
  • Forming a Team
  • Making a Plan
  • Finding Support
  • Caring for Yourself

Register for AARP’s Online CAREversations Workshop today and feel confident in your family plan—no matter where you are on your caregiving journey.

Want to get started now? Review our infographic about the five Prepare to Care steps above at: app.snapapp.com/fivestepscarevingjourney
Or watch our interactive video on how to talk to your loved one about their future needs here: www.aarp.org/caregivingadventure

Click here to register and participate live on July 20 at 5 p.m. MT

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