The following article was written and submitted by Sherry Ostrout, Government Initiatives, Connecticut Community Care


The Connecticut Healthy Living Collective aims to make healthy living a bit easier and more fun.  In doing so, The Collective has launched a website – – which provides easy access and connection to interactive learning opportunities across the state known as Live Well and Aging Mastery Programs®.

What Programs are right for you?
Live Well Programs
Evidence proves that these programs live up to their names.  Live Well is Connecticut’s suite of evidence-based self-management programs, developed by Stanford University which includes Live Well with Chronic Conditions, Live Well with Chronic Pain and Live Well with Diabetes (in English and Spanish).

If you have an ongoing health condition such as heart disease, high blood pressure, arthritis or something different, Live Well can help you better manage your chronic condition, improving your life overall. If you have diabetes, Live Well with Diabetes can help you become more self-sufficient in managing your diabetes, and help you feel more in control and healthier. Live Well with Chronic Pain can help you better manage your symptoms more effectively while living with chronic pain.

Aging Mastery Program
The Aging Mastery Program®, developed by the National Council on Aging, is a fun, innovative, and person-centered health and wellness education program that builds sustainable behaviors across many dimensions that lead to improved health, stronger economic security, enhanced well-being, and increased societal engagement. And if you want to be part of this exciting new program, enroll in an Aging Mastery Program near you.

Living longer lives means little without quality. We created the CT Healthy Living Collective – a collaboration of State Departments, local agencies and organizations and philanthropy – for the shared purpose of achieving better health for the residents and communities of our rapidly aging state. The CT Healthy Living Collective is coordinated by Connecticut Community Care and made possible through grant funds from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

This online resource was developed collaboratively with Connecticut Community Care, the Connecticut State Department on Aging, Department of Public Health, regional coordinators from the five Area Agencies on Aging, and Qualidigm.

You’ll be hearing more about the CT Healthy Living Collective and the website in the months and years ahead as both continue to grow and evolve.  In the meantime, check out and sign up for an upcoming program.  Get informed and be inspired when it comes to living a healthier lifestyle.

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