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In 2017 Arizona State Representative Heather Carter proposed HB 2209 “Family Caregiver Income Tax Credit” that would give up to $1,000 tax credit to those family caregivers who pay out of pocket expenses in the service of their loved ones.
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The Arizona Family Caregiver Tax Credit bill (HB 2209 sponsored by Representative Heather Carter LD 15) will give family caregivers a state income tax break. A mirror bill has also been filed in the state Senate by Senator Kate Brophy-McGee District 11.  The goal of these bills is to help Arizona families with the thousands of dollars of out-of-pocket costs incurred in caring for loved ones.  Over 800,000 Arizonans – a silent army of love – spend one or more hours a week taking care of an older family member, friend or neighbor.
AARP today launched a comprehensive campaign to protect Medicare in the face of proposals by some in Congress that would hurt hardworking Arizonans who have paid into the program their entire working lives.
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