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Idahoans invited to attend and ask their questions on November 10th
As Hoosiers go to the polls on Nov. 8th, AARP Indiana is committed to helping you get the facts you need to choose candidates who reflect your values. We are non-partisan -- we don’t support or oppose any political candidates or contribute any money to campaigns or political action committees. Our priority is ensuring you know where the candidates stand before you cast your vote.
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In keeping with the state’s constitutional guarantee to “free exercise of the right of suffrage,” AARP Missouri is raising concerns about a measure that would place new restrictions on voting. The resolution (HJR 53) calls for a state constitutional amendment that would require every voter to present an approved form of photo identification at the polls.
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AARP recently released survey data highlighting the economic anxieties and other important concerns of women ages 50 to 69 in key battleground states.
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Politicians are not likely to make plans to update Social Security unless voters ask them to do so. That’s why AARP opened an office in Des Moines—to serve as a hub for efforts to hold presidential and congressional candidates accountable for explaining how they would keep Social Security financially sound for current and future generations.
AARP Michigan is encouraging every citizen to vote on Tuesday, Nov. 8. The polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Do you want to learn more about the candidates for governor and U.S. senator, and where they stand on issues from state taxes and long-term care funding to Social Security?
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