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ST. PAUL - A new poll released by AARP Minnesota today shows a large number of undecided 50 plus voters with less than two months to go until election day. The poll, which surveyed the opinions and concerns of 808 voters over the age of 50, found that 19 percent were undecided in the Gubernatorial election and 21 percent were undecided in the open U.S. Senate race. Given their historically large turnout percentages in off-year elections, these undecided older voters will likely decide who represents Minnesota at the highest levels of government.
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The main run of the 2018 South Dakota Legislative Session has ended and AARP SD is proud to have worked on many important issues that impact the 50+ population in South Dakota.
The New 50+, “It’s a Mindset” says ‘we’re better than ever’ and AARP is here to urge active adults to learn more, play more and exceed all expectations
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Want to learn better money habits?  You’re not alone!  Over 20 million people 50-plus are overwhelmed by mounting debt, poor credit and/or lack of savings.  Take the first step and learn to better manage your money with an AARP Foundation Finances 50+℠ workshop, July 22 in Manchester.
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This year Generation X turned 50. With 2.5 million members across the state, AARP New York is the state’s leading advocate for the 50+, and we believe now is the time for us to take stock of the financial plans of Gen Xers and how prepared they are for their financial future.
Mississippi's Generation X Turns 50
The year 2015 is the year Generation X turns 50. It’s a monumental year! We want to hear from Mississippi’s first wave of Generation X as you turn 50. How do you feel about turning 50? Do you plan to celebrate? Have you thought about how you’d like to spend the next phase of your life? Plus, when your big day arrives, we’d love to see your photos and video. We want to hear from you. Email us at msaarp@aarp.org to receive a form to share your story or to get a phone number to be interviewed. 2015 is a big year!
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For the last six years, I’ve served as volunteer state president of AARP Florida. It’s definitely been a learning experience. And most of my learning has been about people age 50+ in Florida.
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Since its inception, AARP has been a membership organization that relies on volunteers. Our founder, Dr. Ethel Percy Andrus, was a volunteer throughout her time leading the organization. To this day, AARP’s all-volunteer board of directors and national president continue that tradition of volunteer leadership.
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