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The  Arkansas Caregiver Resource Guide was developed by AARP with caregivers in mind—as a starting point to help them find the services and support they need throughout their caregiving journey.
As part of raising awareness about the Arkansas Lay Caregiver Act , which takes effect Wednesday, July 22, 2015,  AARP Arkansas is releasing the Arkansas Caregiver Resource Guide.
It’s Free Movie Night in Springfield!
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By AARP North Carolina President Bob Palombo
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Family caregivers have taken on a huge responsibility, helping their loved ones to live in their own homes and to stay out of costly institutions. More than 1.7 million Ohioans are caring for parents, spouses, siblings and other loved ones. This loving care can be just as tough as it is rewarding.
Expect more in 2014
The holidays are over! If you are like most of us, you probably overextended yourself with decorating, shopping and cooking. And if you are one of our nation’s 49 million family caregivers, you no doubt were feeling doubly stressed! Chances are that creating New Year’s resolutions never even made it onto your to-do list. Here is a set of resolutions tailored for family caregivers to help make 2014 happier, healthier and more relaxed for the whole family.
Two Senior African American Women
Because combining the demands of caregiving with life’s other challenges can be overwhelming and lonely, the AARP Foundation launched Connecting Caregivers to Community, a pilot program in four cities nationwide, including Washington.
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