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African grandmother and granddaughter reading
The AARP Foundation's Experience Corps literacy program that pairs older adults with elementary school students is flourishing with hundreds of kids in Macon and in DeKalb County improving their reading skills.
OH_(Elizabeth) Betsey Petit
A new school year is upon us, and educating youth can be a very rewarding and gratifying experience. Knowing that the contribution of your time and effort can help a child excel academically makes the work worthwhile.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - October 24, 2013:Harmony, a first grader in Delilah Montemayor's class is tutored by AARP Experience Corps volunteer Margaret Plenty at Cramp Elementary School.
Did you know that only 31% of 4th graders in this country are able to read at a proficient level?
Interested in a community-level volunteer opportunity that can truly make a difference in the life of a child and his or her future? We're looking for people to be paired as volunteer literacy tutors to help children attending school in Boston and Revere improve their reading and literacy skills.
Elva Fosh
Elva Fosh, literacy tutor/team leader and literacy booster, is the center of our spotlight for AARP Foundation Experience Corps and Greater Cleveland Volunteers.
08.06.24 ExpCorp tutor
By Sheila Greenstein, AARP Experience Corps Manager
Besides advocating for people age 50-plus, AARP offers opportunities to give back to the community. That includes intergenerational activities such as mentoring schoolchildren. AARP Foundation Experience Corps engages volunteer tutors 50 and older to improve literacy among children in grades K-3. The program is active in 22 cities nationwide, including Washington.
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Since 2010, the owners of Cabot Creamery Cooperative have presented the Cabot Community Celebrity Award program to honor the achievements and contributions of volunteers from every part of our great nation.  The program continues in 2015 with an Eastern Caribbean Cruise that honors more than 50 new Community Celebrities. AARP Experience Corps Evansville long-time volunteer Eric King has been selected as one of this year’s “Community Celebrities.”
By Lisa Bertagnoli
07.07.14 Bill Schwarber (cropped)
By Deb Jaquith                                                                                                                                      AARP Experience Corps
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