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During the holiday season, scammers and fraudsters ramp up their deceptive efforts. Amy Nofziger, AARP's director of fraud victim support, outlines ways to identify, avoid and report them.
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Financial abuse is the most common type of elder abuse, with the average victim losing upward of $120,000.
Holiday Scams
Holiday shopping online increases the risks of identity theft and other web-based scams.
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With vacation season in full swing, you may be looking to book vacation rentals for your summer trips. Be careful as you make these reservations – scammers are ready with fake vacation rental ads to steal your money and leave you stranded on vacation. Scammers may place real homes on vacation rental sites without the consent of the homeowner, and change the contact and payment information to their own. They may also make up nonexistent properties and advertise them with great prices or amenities.
Avoid holiday scams this season
The year may be winding down, but not the ploys that have proved most successful for scammers. In the link below, you can find the top fraud trends for 2017.
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AARP Indiana is continuing its efforts to protect Hoosiers from becoming victims of fraud and identity theft by teaming up with police departments, television stations, banks and county governments to host several shredding events in Fort Wayne, Evansville and Indianapolis. The events are open to everyone, and in Indianapolis, participants can also recycle small electronics for a small fee and can turn in expired prescription medications for safe disposal.
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The threat posed by Hurricane Harvey remains extreme, and Texans should continue to heed the warnings of local officials and emergency personnel. The safety and security of everyone is a top priority for AARP.
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Summer is moving season, so scams by moving companies are on the rise. Save yourself the aggravation of being forced to pay exorbitant prices at the risk of scammers holding, stealing, and selling all of your possessions. To avoid being scammed, always research your moving company to make sure it is legitimate. Look for reviews from real customers and proof that that company is registered with the Federal government and insured.
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Summer is meant for relaxation and fun in the sun, but real estate fraud can be another unfortunate part of the season.
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Chicago, IL. – With Americans losing tens of billions of dollars annually to investment fraud schemes, what mindsets and behaviors are common among those who fall victim?  A new survey by the AARP Fraud Watch Network finds that the most susceptible typically exhibit an unusually high degree of confidence in unregulated investments and tend to trade more actively than the general investor population.  More of the investment scam victims also reported that they value wealth accumulation as a significant measure of success in life and acknowledged being open to unsolicited telephone and email sales pitches.
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