AARP Fraud Watch Wednesday

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Individuals are not the only victims of scams. Scammers also target many small and local businesses, which costs them an estimated $7 billion a year, according to the Better Business Bureau. From receiving bills for supplies that nobody ordered, and being threatened to pay it, to paying for services that the business could otherwise get for free, there are many ways businesses may fall victim to a skilled scammer. The Federal Trade Commission and the Better Business Bureau recently partnered to help stop these scams. Small businesses are a vital part of our economy, employing residents and offering services to the local community. Just as it is for individuals, a costly scam can be detrimental to the financial wellbeing of a small business.
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As we enter the second half of summer, many companies have mid-season sales with amazing deals. But if a sale looks too good to be true, it probably is. Beware of websites that sell high-end name brand products at a fraction of the retail price. Through these fake websites, scammers can sell knock-off products to unknowing consumers, or worse, take your credit card information and never send the items you purchased. Please be vigilant in scoping out only true online sales, and ensure the bargains you find are the real deal.
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