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AARP has joined a coalition of organizations that is pushing to create tighter rules for investment advice for 401(k), IRA and other retirement plans. The Save Our Retirement Coalition aims to protect Americans’ retirement savings from hidden fees, undisclosed commissions and other conflicts-of-interest that enrich some investment advisers at the expense of their clients.
Today, secure retirement is not an option for most Marylanders, as workers are not prepared for it. AARP Maryland and small business owners support efforts to establish a retirement savings plan and a requirement that small businesses make this plan available to  their employees.
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In early August, Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley appointed AARP Senior Legislative Representative Sarah Mysiewicz Gill to the Governor’s Task Force to Ensure Retirement Security for All Marylanders. (Read more about that announcement here.)
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May 12, 2014 - Today marked a monumental occasion for Marylanders seeking retirement security as Governor O'Malley established the Governor’s Task Force to Ensure Retirement Security for All Marylanders. This task force will, according to the official press release, examine how Maryland can improve retirement security for private-sector employees, and it will recommend concrete steps that the State can take to ensure all private-sector employees in Maryland have the opportunity to save for their future and live independently as they age.
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