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How to vote absentee for the August 4th Primary
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AARP is providing information and resources about COVID-19 to help older Missourians, and their families protect themselves from the virus and prevent it from spreading to others.
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Property Tax Assessments, Medicaid Hearing, Voter ID Legislation
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Water Surcharge, Medicaid Expansion, and Long Term Care Savings
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MO Rx, Medicaid Expansion, Nursing Home Investigations
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Water and Gas Surcharges and Senators Filibuster
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Long Term Care Savings and Water Utility Surcharge
Kansas City Livability
What is Livability? A livable community is safe and secure, has affordable and appropriate housing, diverse transportation options, and supportive community features and services. Once in place, these resources enhance the personal independence and health of community residents and enable residents of all ages to engage in a community's civic, economic and social life. Policy makers at the federal, state and local levels play a huge role in designing and maintaining cities, towns and neighborhoods so they are active places where residents of all ages can live, work and play.
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