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Elder abuse is an underreported crime, and the AARP Legal Counsel for the Elderly (LCE) wants to stop it.
05.2013 Jane Taylor
Adult victims of neglect, physical or emotional abuse and financial exploitation will be better protected under provisions in the state budget adopted last night by the Ohio General Assembly.
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AARP Georgia applauded the Georgia General Assembly for taking steps to strengthen legal protection for seniors in the 2013 legislative session that concluded today.
State President Jim Kimbrough
Testimony: Senate Health and Welfare Committee
Discover how to protect yourself when online dating.
Online dating has become a popular and acceptable form for meeting new companions, but the following red flags might be signs of a scammer looking to cash in on romance:
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An ailing woman in her 80s was removed from a nursing home by her son, who said he would assume her caretaking duties.
This money graphic was used in an AARP New Hampshire article about Medicare Fraud.
AARP fraud fighters now offer presentations on the three Rs of Protecting Medicare:  Record, Recognize and Report.  Request a free presentation today.
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