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By Mary Van Beusekom
Mature Living, a program that features topics of interest to older adults did segment focusing on age discrimination in employment.  Laurie McCann, Senior Attorney with AARP Foundation Litigation, talks about discrimination in employment and the impact of the Age Discrimination in Employment Act during the past 50 years.
While job hunting, my husband, Michael Lindenberger, and I noticed that we weren’t getting any responses from employers even though our resumes matched their required skills and qualifications.  Fearing our age may be a factor, I suggested taking graduation dates off our resumes. It was disheartening to think that age discrimination in the workplace is alive and well, but we knew it was a plausible explanation for the lack of interest from employers.
Scott Frish
Editor's Note: Our COO Scott Frisch was in Portland and gave this speech to a group of HR professionals on the value of older workers, the longevity economy - and the new OregonSaves program.
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On Tuesday, June 9, 2015 from 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm, come to IONA and join AARP's Gigi Hart Bessicks who will give an overview of AARP and the how the organization collaborates with volunteers on advocacy efforts around retirement security issues. Issues include Social Security, protecting older workers against age discrimination, livable communities and anti‐fraud protection. Ms. Bessick, a senior advisor in the AARP Campaigns Department, also will cover health care issues like Medicare, Medicaid, long‐ term care, and caregiving. Here are the details to register for this free workshop:
Should age discrimination be banned in the workplace? It’s a no-brainer to Louisianans, according to a recent AARP survey. Fully 83 percent of Bayou Staters age 50-plus support federal legislation that would make it easier for aggrieved older workers to prove age bias.
By Jill Gambon
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