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What do Portland, Japan, the Tuomoto Atoll and the MAX line to Gresham have in common?  Paddy Tillett.  A tall man with a ready smile, he defies Northwest casual in favor of a bowtie, which may be in homage to his origins in the British Isles. Paddy has helped to shape the vibrant city of Portland, Oregon with his knowledge of transit-oriented development and urban design here and across the globe.
Sheila Salyer speaking at Wednesday event
TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Older Tallahasseeans would like to see more home-repair services for lower-income or older adults, affordable home-health care options, more public transportation services and better job training for older adults, according to a new survey conducted by AARP and the City of Tallahassee as part of the joint AARP-Tallahassee Age-Friendly Community initiative.
Steve Carter
Sitting at a conference table, I wrestle alongside my AARP Oregon colleagues with deciding which questions to ask Portland mayoral candidates, and how to word them.
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Bandana at an AARP Oregon Volunteer Training
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Did you know that a typical pair of sneakers will last 500 miles? Put a few miles on those walking shoes and join AARP for a series of guided walks in Portland-area neighborhoods called NeighborWalks.
Most Livable Neighborhoods
AARP ranks most livable neighborhoods and cities for date nights, staying healthy
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On March 28, AARP Georgia and the City of Atlanta, Mayor’s Office of Constituent Services offered an opportunity for Atlantans to voice what they want to see in their community as we work together to create Age-Friendly Atlanta strategies.
Honolulu Livable Communities Survey
A survey of older adults on Oahu ranks affordable home health care and housing among the greatest needs facing residents of the City and County of Honolulu as its population ages. The 2014 AARP Livable Communities Survey in Honolulu, Hawaii of Adults Age 45+ identifies the needs of older residents as well as gaps in community features and services.
My grandma turned 90 on Sunday, and that morning we headed south to the First Christian Church of Fort Madison, Iowa, where she attended services weekly for decades. During that four-hour drive, we never turned on the radio. It was one of those limited opportunities when I had my grandma to myself, and I was able to be fully present. Her perceptions of how technology has changed in her lifetime got me thinking of the ways in which livable communities can preserve aspects of humanity that at times appear lost.
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Highland Park on Tuesday became the second Michigan city to join the World Health Organization (WHO) of Age-Friendly Cities and Communities and the AARP Network of Age-Friendly Communities.
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