Aging Services

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AARP Age-friendly program to be integrated into Michigan Aging & Adult Service Agency's three-year state plan. Community conversations in 16 communities will attempt to identify the highest needs of, and greatest opportunities for, older adults.
Are you or someone you know a grandparent raising grandchildren or younger than 65 collecting Medicare due to a disability who may have a minor child at home?  The Husky A Medicaid income limit in Connecticut for parents and caretaker relatives of minor children has been decreased from 196% of the federal poverty level to 155% of the federal poverty level effective August 1, 2015.  Approximately 18,547 parents/caregivers who are working will be allowed to maintain their Medicaid coverage as Transitional Medical Assistance (TMI) for a one year period beginning August 1, 2015.  1,281 parents and caregivers who are not working will receive notices this week that their Medicaid Husky A benefits will be ending on August 31, 2015.
AARP Responds  to Governor Beshear’s Proposed 2014 Budget Priorities
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