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Amy Goyer, AARP’s family caregiving expert, will always remember the day she ran out of gas. Goyer, the author of “Juggling Work and Caregiving,” has balanced work and caregiving for most of her adult life while caring for her grandparents, both her parents and her sister.
Sandwich Generation
Join AARP Oklahoma for the 2017 Sandwich Generation conference, held at the University of Central Oklahoma Nigh University Center on Wednesday, October 25, 2017. This informative event is tailored to provide resources to the “Sandwich Generation,” which is now caring for both children and aging family members, while simultaneously striving to meet the needs of their employer, spouse, community and more.
One Step at a Time
AARP Missouri is cohosting a Caregivers Conference in St. Louis in cooperation with Christian Hospital Auxiliary and Christian Hospital Foundation. The event aims to support family caregivers and provide information about resources that can help with transportation, shopping, meal preparation and other needs.
Demographic trends suggest that if you aren’t a family caregiver now – you will be someday!
An article this week in US News and World Report, Holiday Gifts for Senior Safety and Peace of Mind, reports on gift ideas for family caregivers and features recommendations by AARP family and caregiving expert Amy Goyer, along with Grace Whiting, director of strategic partnerships at the National Alliance for Caregiving. Goyer and Whiting recommend products that provide security at home, such as electronic keypad door locks; items that assist seniors with limited mobility; music for those with dementia; preparing a vacation for a caregiver; a massage, manicure or haircut for the caregiver; taking on some responsibilities for the caregiver; and providing social connectivity.
AARP’s ‘ Random Acts of Kindness for Caregivers' contest is underway. The contest encourages people of all ages to recognize and reward family caregivers in their lives in small but meaningful ways, especially during National Family Caregivers Month in November.
I Heart Caregivers
During the busy holiday season, family caregivers – over 268,000 right here in New Hampshire – already feel overwhelmed with daily responsibilities, leaving them vulnerable when the stress of the holidays arrive.  Turning to unhealthy behaviors – drinking more eggnog, eating more sweets, getting fewer hours of shut-eye, and forgoing exercise – is not the answer. 
Amy speaking
At some point in their lives nearly everyone will be thrust into the position of needing to provide some level of caregiving services for a loved one. How do you prepare to become one of our nation’s 42 million caregivers?
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