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The New Hampshire Institute of Politics & Political Library at Saint Anselm College and AARP New Hampshire are pleased to sponsor the New Hampshire Primary 100 th Anniversary Essay Contest. The essay contest will be open to all students enrolled in civics, U.S. Government, or politics courses in grades 9 –12 at both public and private schools throughout New Hampshire. 
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In celebration of the 79 th anniversary of the creation of Social Security, AARP Executive Vice President Nancy LeaMond issued the following statement: 
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For 79 years now, Social Security has provided a foundation of income older Americans and their families can count on.
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Since 1935, Social Security has been a lifeline for millions of older Americans and other beneficiaries. It provides a foundation of retirement income security for them to build upon, and it also offers economic security for disabled workers and the spouses and children of deceased workers. In Connecticut, one in four older residents rely on it as their only source of income.
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The following article commemorating AARP PA’s 25th anniversary appears in the November 2012 edition of Inside AARP.
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