Since at least the days of George Jetson and his science-fiction video conferences, Americans have assumed true “telehealth” was just around the corner. Surely by the 21 st Century, we’d be chatting on-screen with our doctors from the comfort of our own living rooms, any time we needed it. Right?
Scam Jam File
Don't Get Caught by Fake Phishing Emails!    Last week you likely saw the news about Anthem’s data breach affecting more than 80 million customers, with cyber criminals gaining access to names, Social Security numbers, birth dates, addresses, and other sensitive information.Phishing Emails Targeting Anthem Customers: In a one-two punch for victims, individuals who were impacted by the massive cyberattack are now being targeted by scammers with emails designed to trick Anthem customers into giving up sensitive personal information – a tactic known as "phishing."
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