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As Floridians regroup from Hurricane Irma, it is clear that the state’s system for protecting frail older residents failed after Hurricane Irma. Ten people died in a tragic chain of miscommunication and inexplicable failure to act after a Broward County rehabilitation center lost cooling for more than 150 residents for three days during Hurricane Irma. Astonishingly, a fully functional hospital, where air conditioning was available, was right across the street.
Grandparents laughing with grandchildren
A continually growing number of grandparents are faced with the decision of caring for and/or raising their grandchildren.  Some Boomers are also dealing with their aging parents in the home.  Not only are they caring for their grandchildren and their parents but they are also caring for themselves and in some cases their spouses as well.  A workshop on June 24, 2014 will provide information on resources to help grandparents manage.
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