assisted living

Nurse during home visit with senior woman
A new law aims to protect older adults at risk of abuse and neglect by requiring assisted living facilities to be licensed starting in 2021.
Care Enough to Know
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In the film version of L. Frank Baum children’s novel , The Wizard of Oz, each of Dorothy’s imagined friends  has a burning desire, a craving:  they all yearn for some thing (“If I Only Had A….)  “The Scarecrow” wants a brain. The “Tin Man” wants a heart.  The “Lion” deviates from the anatomical wish list – he wants something amorphous: courage.
Senior man sitting on a wheelchair with caregiver
Indeed! They are back.  Not en masse though. It’s early in the back-to-college year, so our beloved town is not inundated yet.  The university students return in dribbles, like a leaky water faucet.  And many live across from my ALF (Assisted Living Facility).  What’s a wheelchairer to do when crossing the street?
Theater Mask
Shakespeare said it – as he always has:
Elizabethan Theater, Ashland
I had just finished reading an interesting story on Yahoo News, and went to breakfast in the dining room anxious to tell my table mate, George, about it.  After I prefaced my retelling, I couldn’t remember the story I wanted to tell. Yet . . .
Senior man sitting on a wheelchair with caregiver
I’m one of 40 or so elders – I could say seniors – equally nice sounding, but without the gravitas -  or mature– nah, that’s for movie ratings – or, more scornfully, geezers,  or wickedly demeaning  – old farts.  I guess you could say all-of-the-above. After decades of achievements and societal contributions, and professional accomplishments (and being a bit of a pompous ass ) with  a smidgen of pride,  I prefer the politically correct, solemn, and dignified first word choice -  who reside in an Assisted Living Facility (ALF.).
Senior Woman's Hand On Wheelchair
My wheelchair and I have spent over a decade together.
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