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AARP recognizes and values the spirit of volunteerism and the important contributions volunteers make to their state and communities. We couldn't do our work without them. Volunteers provide extraordinary service each day to improve the quality of life for Kansans.
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AARP Kansas recognizes and values the contributions made by our team of volunteers throughout our state to help improve the quality of life for Kansans age 50 and older. Whether they volunteer in the areas of advocacy, community service and/or serve on our Executive or Diversity Councils, the Volunteer Support Team or the Capital City Task Force, they provide invaluable service in their communities and in the state.
AARP Volunteers were awarded for their exemplary efforts at the 2017 All Volunteer Assembly (AVA). Devoted to honoring AARP Virginia’s most dedicated volunteers, this year’s AVA highlighted individuals committed to community service and helping everyone age with dignity and purpose.
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AARP is now accepting nominations for its 2017 Delaware Andrus Award for Community Service, which honors Delawareans age 50 and older who are sharing their experience, talent, and skills to enrich the lives of their community members.
Andrus Award
Andrus Award recognizes community service
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To recognize their work to support family caregivers in Delaware, AARP named four Legislators as 2016 “Capitol Caregivers,” on Jan. 11 as part of a bipartisan group of elected officials from more than 23 states.  These leaders have advanced policies to help family caregivers who are making it possible for all Delawareans to live independently in their homes and communities—where they want to be.
 AARP Louisiana now accepting nominations for the 2016 AARP Andrus Award!
Every year AARP Idaho recognizes an outstanding volunteer in our state with The Andrus Award. The Andrus Award for Community Service honors volunteers who  spark change and improve their communities one act at a time. The award honors the spirit of AARP’s founder, Ethel Percy Andrus, who started AARP when she found a retired educator in need.
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They're in the community every day - volunteering, making a difference, lending their time and talent to help those in need.  They work in food banks and animal shelters, in schools and in hospitals - improving our communities and enhancing quality of life for others .  They are often unsung heroes, working and giving without recognition or thanks -  just because it's the right thing to do.  If you know an extraordinary volunteer age 50 or older, show your appreciation by nominating him or her for the 2016 AARP Nevada Andrus Award for Community Service! 
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